Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jingle Nodes at FISL 11

New Jingle Nodes Specifications will be presented at FISL 11. Besides the regular updates about the specifications, it will also be discussed Jingle Nodes adoption plan and current implementations.
FISL takes place in Porto Alegre and it is the biggest OpenSource and OpenStandards event of Latin America.
Other XMPP topics like Openfire and ejabberd deployments (presented by the current Openfire maintainer Guus der Kinderen), and also clients like OneTeam/SIP Communicator Jingle Nodes Demo etc.
Especial Thanks to:
  • NLnet Foundation who sponsored the development of the prototype APIs for Server and Client. And the whole campaign of the specification publish.
  • Fernando Lins for the awesome and professional new Jingle Nodes Logo.