Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Imagine that in the beginning was only a small ball with hyper mass and for some reason this mass expanded extremely fast, but so fast that it cause the three-dimensional space to echo infinitely creating the dimensional effect we call "time". Time is the dimension that contains all infinity spaces.
Gravity is the "inertia" of the timeline that we are situated. Basically it tries to pull back the matter to the earliest state as possible in a state-less way.
From a Macro Cosmo perspective there was only one incident and everything currently tries to converge back to the previous state, which is all the mass in a single point of space and time.
Gravity like most of the other effects we see in regular physics, does not keep state of each previous state, except for the most relevant one.
For instance no matter how many rocks diverged the flow of the water in a river, from a higher perspective, the river will always follow its course like no rock, had changed the movement and the water form at previous points of the river course.
Gravity keeps the original shape, course and intensity as most as possible. Mitigating the essence of this energy. Which is one of the most basic ones in the universe.
The energy can be defined and resolved as a recursive movement of energy always trying to go back together to the original state, usually perceived by the nearest and easiest bigger mass around.

Meaning that to stop gravity you will need to stop time as we know it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jingle Nodes Proxy and EU Surveillance

"The German Pirate Party has disclosed some secret documents on how the EU is planning to monitor citizens. The so called INDECT Documents describe how a seamless surveillance could (or should) be implemented across Europe. The use of CCTV cameras, the internet (social networks) and even the use of UAVs are mentioned as data sources. Two of the nine documents can be downloaded from the German Pirate Party's website (PDFs in English)."

When I read this news on, as an enthusiast of civil freedom, I immediately downloaded both documents available in the Link. But what I found was more interesting for me than the news itself. In the "The communications framework architecture" section, the document contains the following diagram:
They not only use XMPP and Jingle, but also Jingle based RTP Server/Proxy which is the essence of Jingle Nodes Specification. Specially if we refer to the very beginning back on the Jingle RTP Proxy in Openfire (2006):
2006 - Diagram for Openfire RTP Proxy
It is very cool to see how new technology is overwhelmed for a while, before the real life adoption starts.

In regard of the EU Surveillance, I hope they don't manage to use it for Surveillance but to provide Free and Open Communication alternative for Citizens. Because that is actually what the Architecture in the document and Jingle Nodes are about.
European population cannot accept what Egypt did and now India is trying to do with all Internet Communications system, install a dictatorial, monitored and censored Internet communication. This don't only harm Citizens Freedom but also basic rights of privacy.
For those people who believes these are anti-terrorist measures, stop acting like an ignorant blind animal, and remember that is way easier and anonymous for a terrorist to buy a pre-paid SIM card place one single call and then throw it away, to actually use Internet Communications. The main interest is "Command-and-Control" the ability to control Prices and Profits through a basic human necessity: Communication.

Open Communication!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Facebook VoIP Architecture and the Death of Phone Numbers

As we know Facebook supports XMPP for Chat, meaning you can use your preferred XMPP Client to use Facebook for Chat. But do you really think Facebook rolled out XMPP support only for Chat?
If so, you are indeed wrong.
Facebook wants to expend their communication profile. Like others like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc, they also want realtime interaction meaning Voice and Video communications.

  • Facebook users have more Facebook Friends than contacts in their phonebook.
  • People change phone numbers and your are not automatically updated.
  • Phone Numbers belongs to Operators/Countries, your Facebook account is much more personal.
  • You can control who can call you. On regular phone you are often victim of unwanted calls.
  • Phone Calls and SMS are more expensive them IM and VoIP in most cases.
  • Facebook average number of Contacts per user is way bigger than Skype.
  • Skype is too limited and close to create the same loyalty that Facebook always had.
  • If they also open this for XMPP Federation, it would indeed speed up the death of "phone numbers" as we know.
  • As Facebook already have support for XMPP Chat, certainly they will use XMPP Jingle.
  • For Media Relay and Distribution Points? For sure Jingle Nodes will be the simplest, fastest and most reliable way to delivery Multimedia for their gigantic number of users at once.
  • How would it look like for browser users? They will use new advanced browser features to have Jingle Clients running on it. Like GMail already have for a long while.
  • They already have the PERFECT routing and presence in place, XMPP for Chat, same exact route can be used for Jingle if Facebook enable support for IQ routing in their XMPP network.
Overall Picture:

This post is a proposition of how Facebook will do their Voice/Video support in near future. The use of Jingle and Jingle Nodes is not confirmed at all. But sure will be an extremely bad idea of Facebook to do not do it like described above! I challenge them to do it better and more open than this.