Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skype Client XMPP Support for Facebook

Skype released a beta version for Windows with support for Facebook Chat. They are doing it through XMPP directly from Skype BETA Client.

Once again XMPP moves forward in becoming the universal bus for 'realtime' communications.
Companies that are not understanding the importance of being 'realtime' will soon realize that their time is gone.

Hopefully in the future we also have support for other open alternatives for Audio/Video Communications on Skype like Jingle and Jingle Nodes. Like Google did adopting the Standard Jingle.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Standard Jingle on Google

After many year after its creation and early adoption, Google finally announced the switch from their own Jingle variant to the Standard Jingle Version created, approved and maintained by XMPP Foundation.
This comes in the right moment after the previously GIPS Media Company now owned by Google itself, announced the OpenSource WebRTC Project. Which intends to provide multimedia and realtime communication capabilities to Browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc...

Google intend to bring rich communication also to their other browser products like Orkut, iGoogle and even adSense with Ads that could place direct calls to the announcers.

This will enabled direct compatibility to the already know Jingle Clients Jitsi, OneTeam, Pidgin and others. The amplifier of this announcement is that soon we may be seeing native Jingle Support on Android OS, which will make a great and powerful opposition to Skype Mobile Market.

Nimbuzz was the very first Mobile Company to runs their entirely Voice Services over Jingle since 2007. They would have immediate benefit if they were allowing XMPP Federation, which currently is blocked. For now they support GTalk Calls but requires the user to have a Google account registered (which is not a big problem, but not as handy as it could be).

Hopefully Jingle Nodes will also be adopted soon as the default mechanism for Relay Sharing Discovering for Jingle. Stay tuned for more good news.