Friday, May 22, 2009

Price of shadows

When you are buying a product, are you buying what?
Are you buying the material? the design? the quality?
Which of these values that you actually judge before you buy is real?
If everything you see, buy, taste and feel, only have abstract values. What makes them so necessary for your reality?
Aren't the work, or the consequences of production, the raw products used, values that you should also take in count when buying, build or acquiring something?
No if you try to judge that based on labels or advertisement that promises that, but in fact in real world is just another marketing campaign trying to just build up more value for something that has no absolute value?
Fair Trade? Forest Friends? Green Friendly? Eco Conscience? What all of these means in practice?

What was the last real thing you bought?

Were you buying only shadows with label, with functionalities or abstract value aggregation?

What if the ones that produces the good stuff, behind the curtains, are the exactly same one that produces the bad stuff, so it makes sure he can sell for both markets?

Keep thinking...

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