Friday, November 20, 2009

Erlang Version of Jingle Nodes Services is Working!

We are moving very fast with the Erlang version of the Jingle Nodes Services API, after 2 weeks of finishing the Pure Java Version, with great help from contributors, we have a working Erlang Version.
I invite you to check the code at: Jingle Nodes Source
It is based on the excellent exmpp library which besides being rich featured, is also pretty straight forward to use and reliable.

The current version can provide fully working relay channels, but still lacking some features:

  • Detect Inactive Channels
  • Purge Inactive Channels
  • Tracker Services Provider
And indeed we have some bugs to be catch.

Contributions are really welcome!

How to Contribute?
Check the current opened issues: Jingle Node Issues
Send me an email with your intentions or if you wanna go one step ahead, patches are also accepted.

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