Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facetime and Video Call Matrix

Today Apple released Facetime for Mac OS, making it possible to have easy and H264 quality Video Calls between IPhones, IPods and Mac Desktops/Laptops.
besides the lack of Device Capability Discovery, meaning that you need to know who has support for it based on Trial and Error. Hard to believe for a 2010 Technology.
The moment also calls for attention of the extremely fragmented market of Video Call Clients Interoperability.

Current Status, October 2010:
Oct 2010
Prediction, January 2011:
Jan 2011
All the Buzz aside, Facetime still pretty limited, due:
  • Strange Username/Device setup
  • Confusion about device/contact support
  • Lack of simple start/stop Video buttons
  • 3G support
  • Interoperability
I still hope a XMPP Jingle Based Messiah to come and solve the fragmentation and interoperability matters.


  1. Indeed I was shocked to see that I had to try to check if someone was online, but if you think about it, it works exactly like a phone book: you have all your contacts in it, but you won't know if they'll be available.
    I'm afraid this behavior is required since Facetime is designed to be setup-less, basically once you have the phone you're in, so once someone got your contact they would know when your phone was on (or connected via wifi), it'd be quite a privacy issue. To avoid this they would have to make some changes like: accepting contacts, having a "status" (e.g. "appear offline")

    We'll see, at the moment I'm dismayed by the way FaceTime for Mac was implemented, it looks like a direct port from iOS, and this is not acceptable: do we really need 3 clicks to delete a Favorite contact?

  2. There is already a "full" version of Skype for Android :)

  3. @Christoph, The post is strictly towards Video Call Support. Skype does not have Video on Mobile yet.

  4. What are these charts? Applications or protocols? It looks like applications to me, and the operating systems they run on, but I don't think that is very important is it? One cannot expect every app to run on all platforms, nor is such a thing needed. Standard protocols are needed.

  5. Hi Thiago,
    Talkonaut (iphone/s60) support VideoCall to gMail contacts. Unfortunally, the android version cannot make a voice call flawless.