Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pretty Little Random World

Did you ever wonder why everything is random in our reality?
People Tastes, DNA, plants size and forms, animals behavior, human habits, weather, quantic atomic behavior, Friends Humor, etc...
Everything in nature is random this is an old fact.

But, why? What is the cause and goal of this?

To give a try I will start explaining the paradox of the random concept:
"Random is everything that causes a reaction that cannot be predicted before the respective action."
So to affirm that an action produces a random reaction, you MUST know that you cannot predict the reaction. But can you prove that you cannot predict the reaction?

"If everything is random, how can you predict that a reaction is random, if the reaction is random?"
Conceptually a random reaction can repeat forever(infinity times) given an unique action, and still be considered random.

So in fact, what is "Random"?

To explain the Random, you always need to rely on the infinity concept. Which brings even more doubts as infinity still something not clear for human minds.
In an orthodox proposition:
"Random is a reaction that given infinity tries, can generates different results."

It is not possible to prove that a reaction is random if you cannot counter prove against the infinity. Which means that every affirmative that a reaction is random it simply another random guess.

This conclusion also explains why all human attempts of generating artificial "pure random" failed.

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