Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UnMount Python

After years of personal resistance finally I did it.
I took one of my nights to learn Python.
The main reason was:
  • Check how Google App Engine is being able to support so much Transactions.
Other reasons:
  • Check if it really throws Identation Error?
  • Will I take 50% of my time doing Identation?
  • Does it really count my Whitespaces?
  • WHY!?!?
The conclusion was that Python it is very easy and full of well implemented frameworks with a quite good performance.
What really called my attention was the high-level data structures with a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming.
It totally worth it. Specially for replacing the my old fashioned Perl Scripts.

* About the WEIRD whitespace stuff: I would say it sucks. But maybe it is my brain that is not yet prepared to process code snippets without my old friends "{}"

Hello World Code Example:
print "Be careful not to fall off!"

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