Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Media don't stop trying to criminalize VoIP

It seems that media don't stop trying to criminalize VoIP. The most manipulated newspaper of the world,  New York Times,  tried again to make using VoIP looks like a crime or a terrorist behavior.

We from the OpenSource and Open Communications communities want to expose our feelings with a short sentence: "Shut Up!".
We are completely tired of your excuses for market manipulation in favor of Carriers Monopoly.

Ignored Facts:
  • Basically you can by a prepaid SIM Card without ANY identification and place calls worldwide for  less then 10 Dollars!
  • Mobile and Landline Calls can be encrypted with simple software installed in your device.
The only reason that would make criminals use VoIP providers over pre-paid mobile is the price!
If they are right, lets enumerate all the elements related to a crime:
  • Criminals usually eat fast-food,  as they don't have time to cook at home. Making MC Donald's the food supplier for criminals.
  • Criminals uses Ford and GM Cars for Bomb Cars. Ford and GM is manufacturing bombs with 4 wheels.
  • Criminals use sunglasses to disguise themselves, making RayBan a "camouflage" provider.
  • Criminals uses Windows, as they usually use Cyber Cafes computers equipped with this "criminal friendly" Operational System.
  • Criminals buys ammunition and weapons from the same manufactures that provides them to the police and military. WAIT THIS ONE IS NOT A JOKE! 
Where are the attacks to weapon and ammo manufactures in the News?

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