Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IPhone Over 3G

I proudly announce that we have the first Jingle based VoIP Application on IPhone that supports Calling Over 3G!
This application is Nimbuzz, a fully featured Client that supports VoIP via Nimbuzz Contacts, NimbuzzOut, Skype, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN and it is also a SIP Client. It is the Mobile VoIP Freedom Gadget.
The battry consumption really rocks if compared with regular SIP Clients, plus the benefit to be able to receive and place calls, through different methods without any extra battery consumption.
The Application is Free on Apple AppStore and it is also available with VoIP support for Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile.

It uses XMPP and Jingle as the main bus for their services, enabling also the usage of your Nimbuzz account through other Clients like Adium, Pidgin, PSI, Empathy, Pandion, etc...


  1. Nimbuzz is a very good application, i think now iphone is much better with this application.
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  2. this supports voip for j2me phones, via jingle?

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  4. I've tried this twice now, with no luck. I had this working on 3.0.1 of course. I used pwngage tool to create the updated firmware and upgraded. Followed these instructions, but nothing appears to have changed at all. I've got the tethering toggle under network, but it does nothing.