Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile VoIP is now Illegal in Egypt

The Government of Egypt made mobile VoIP officially illegal this week.
It would even be acceptable if it was for all VoIP, but not. VoIP still acceptable if provided by the State Hold Telecom Companies of Egypt.
Main blocks includes Skype and known international SIP providers. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Skype closed protocol, I consider this completely unfair and offensive against Skype.
More than a political problem for Egypt citizens this is a crime against their freedom.
It is more than clear that the only reason is money, as State Telecoms were almost bankrupt end of last year. This is a criminal behavior aiming the State and not Citizens that should be condemned by other countries as well.

Jingle fortunately still not blocked, so if you blocked on Egypt, feel free to re-enforce mobile VoIP usage over Jingle.

Suggested Clients:
  • Nimbuzz on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and IPhone
  • Native GTalk Client for Maemo


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  2. Hi Thiago,
    Have you tried Fring ?
    Sound quality with gTalk clients is much better,.

    Best regards

  3. (Personal message)
    Hi Thiago ;

    I found you writing in Nimbuzz forum as barata7 many times.
    I would like to ask you WHY Nimbuzz cant call to empathy/pidgin nor psy clients ?
    Why cant call to gmail voice/video plugin ?

    (Video call for my doesnt matter and is useless in practice without earphones)

    Regarding XMPP, please, vote for native xmpp support on symbian:

    And if you have enough time, tell to symbian council what is really important in future in mobiles:

    Best regards!

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