Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skype API Available for Beta

This story was commented in this blog several times. And so far nothing significant really happened. Why Skype keep trying to fill the gaps of its solution on leafs and not in the root of the problem?

Skype understand the importance of standing as a Service provider and no longer a simple Client provider. Something that cannot be accomplished without massive adoption in different devices, platforms and software.
Although we can reflect once again about the approach that has being used by them.
  • Skype API is something that will work only for Skype Network. The flexibility of the service goes immediately to the ground. So if you implement it, make sure you know you won't be to re-use the code somewhere else.
  • They are claiming some openness based on an old client side SDK API model. Which dismiss all potential of the currently heavily deployed solutions like SIP, which is everywhere, from Servers, Platforms, Hardware, Gateways etc... I'm not a SIP fan, although strategically would be wiser for them.
  • Skype shares bandwidth without user concerns. Would you be up to risk embedding such black box into your own application or Product?
  • Most IMPORTANT! Latest Skype IPhone client mention about not being free anymore from certain date. So if you are looking forward to implement Skype, bare in mind they can actually start charging for their services or clients at some point, which may turn your "FREE" application useless.
I'm glad they are moving forward towards Openness, but I still think they have a long way until having it done properly.

Apparently they may need to speed it up since Apple announced that Facetime on IPhone 4g, will use Open Standards including SIP, STUN and ICE. Which is a mature P2P technology heavily used and deployed and of course the same as we are using on XMPP Jingle Specifications.
Open Standard P2P already won this 'battle' which Skype still persists to fight.

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  1. What embarrasment is this Skype move. No one want to develop in a propietary protocol. Maybe RIM or Vodafone want to use this api to "divide & conquer" consumers, slowing down the XMPP adoption in mobile, and worst... spreading pstn network for more years.

    Hope someone release a good XMPP mobile client with VoIP&Video.

    ps: Google really want to look other side. Android 3 will not have xmpp/voip support.
    Symbian with OVI conntact(xmpp client), same history.
    Only maemo have xmpp/voIP native.

    ps2: Meego what ? Will have native xmpp/voip support ?