Friday, June 11, 2010

GMail VoIP Coming Soon

Sooner than we though GMail will integrate VoIP services. This happens right after GIPS acquisition, and quite way too late after Gizmo5 acquisition.
Gizmo5 had for a long long time such widget but was using several layers of software from server side transcode, flash capture and an extra plugin.
I really hope they are thinking hard to have their widget based on embedded browser features. As it would be quite simple to embed a real VoIP(RTP/Codec) API in Google Chrome at least. That will really move the perspective on Broswer based VoIP to a new level!

The whole market will also appreciate if they make such API as open as possible so other could also create their browser based VoIP Clients.
We would even be pleasured if such API to be available also on Android Devices.

Google don't disappoint us.

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