Friday, August 27, 2010

Google Call over Jingle with a SIP Gateway on their XMPP Server

I just confirmed in my Wireshark that Google Call on Gmail uses exactly what I recommended in a previous post back in 2009 when they acquired Gizmo5. And YES, it's Jingle!
Their wise choice of having a portable and extensive protocol(XMPP) as the bus and having specialized technologies like SIP, will grant them a flexibility never seen before on platform and device portability.
Their master plan is to be able to delivery mass market a cheap and alternative method for calling the old fashioned telephone numbers. And sure they have the right platform and tools in their hands:


Almost all Android phones have with GTalk application pre-installed, which already runs a nice XMPP Client, besides other great alternatives like Nimbuzz.

Now imagine what Google can bring to the market without much effort due their choice of using Jingle extension of XMPP for their service? Google Call support on Android phones. That is the key and reason behind this service.

Overview Diagram:


  1. Well every body is jumping in to the voip train now a day. Voip vendors are growing like mushrooms. However, i think only those will survive in future, who provide better voip phone services on mobile devices.

  2. E ai cara, tudo bem? tou tentando desenvolver uma simples classe em java que faça a transferencia de um arquivo entre um usuario para outro via xmpp, estou usando o smack + open fire, nao consegui uma solução sempre da um erro e esse erro ja pesquisei em varios lugares e nao consegui, vi que voce fez uma api minijingle mas dei uma olhada na pagina e nao esta la para download, se voce puder me guiar o que fazer ficarei muito grato, esse experimento é o inicio do meu projeto de conclusão de curso. Obrigado.

  3. Hi Thiago,

    Sorry to mention here, but Can you complete a 2 minute call over XMPP with Nimbuzz client S60 ?
    I tried with Empathy, psy-im, pidgin, n900, gTalk and gMail plugin and always have problems.

    It seems that voIP sdk in nimbuzz is old story or they have planned degraded XMPP to improve his private network.

    Like old time they strategically disable jabber.

    Am I wrong ?

    Best regards

  4. The freedom SIP gave us, this guys are trying to take it.
    Who wants another ATT?