Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Google Call on GMail

Google Call, as I mentioned before in a previous post, was added as a Calling feature direct to the browser.
I hope this take down Skype monopoly built on top of a closed and proprietary fuzzyware.

Google now has the most powerful position on VoIP world and soon will take down Skype eagerness for a proprietary/closed network.

Google's solution is built on top of a plugin, which is embedded on new Chrome and also easy to install on other browsers. They are using Standard XMPP and Jingle at Client Level with SIP in the backend, Streaming RTP with Standard Codecs directly from the browser. ( NO CRAP FLASH TRANSCODE USED! )

Google Call offer several advantages:
  • Browser Based
  • Open, so they can make use of third-party clients for it ( Do you need more reasons??? )
    • VoIP everywhere, browser or in your favorite Client. Solid Model.
Hope Nimbuzz adds support for it soon!

You can try it here:

As you asked how it works:
Google is making use of recent acquired GIPS Company Technology to add native RTP streaming directly to the browser.
For PSTN Termination, Google is using Gizmo5, together with previous Google Voice partners.
I promise to post deeper technical information like protocol details and Codec later on.


  1. hmmm open? Apart from using Gizmo5 as a gateway I can't see how I can do GVoice calls directly from/to my favorite client. I can't find infos about it anywhere

  2. You stated that this is open and available in your favorite client. Is this through XMPP? Or how would I set up a 3rd party client to use this new feature?

  3. Need to figure out how to address regular phones using a Google Talk Client outside of Gmail...

  4. A browser voip client (compatible with all voip service providers) is available from Mizutech. You might have a look: