Friday, April 29, 2011

Android Video Call over Jingle

Finally! Google released what they already had. Video Call on Android!
As we know Google Talk already offers Video Calls even on gmail web client, now they extended the support also for Android 2.3.4.
The technology behind it, is the same behind gmail Video Call, XMPP and Jingle.

As GTalk also support XMPP Federation, Jingle is one step ahead towards World domination!


  1. but is this video chat be same like the nokia symbiam video call service,where it works through 3G so i can still make a video call even when i m not in a wireless area,and my receiver can answer even when he is out where there is no wireless

  2. meh provides jingle node functionality

    without the creepiness of google archiving everything forever

  3. ^ Where's the Android app supporting video over XMPP?