Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skype acquired by Microsoft

Mourning post about Skype future...
Although it have the policy to be closed and stuff. It was nice to have it at least providing the platform choice for their users. I hope that at least in that aspect Microsoft doesn't come to screw up.

In other aspects it may help the World to get rid of MSN Live Network, which has being the biggest technical / protocol failure all time for Instant Messaging and Communications. Including yearly Protocol Hacks and Updates, with fallback servers and periodical outage.
It would be a superb evolution for Microsoft to get rid of the technical garbage pile of MSN Live Network and applications, replacing it by Skype.

Phone Numbers and Telecoms will be affected and we are getting closer and closer to a phone number extinction. This acquisition not only confirms it, but also will speed it up. In that sense it is a positive move.

If you want to see yourself free of those monopoly battles use:
  • Jitsi.org - Open Source Fully Featured Jingle and SIP Video Client
    • Used in combination with fastvoip.com you get a very cheap (sometimes free) solution for calling international phone numbers
  • OneTeam.im - Open Source Jingle Client with Native Jingle Nodes Support


  1. Hello!
    How about SPARK Messenger? Would you consider its Jingle support also ready for primetime?

  2. The MS/Skype acquisition has finally pushed me towards going open, but I'm still a little confused: SIP or Jabber? Which client for me? Which range of clients can it interact with (and so include in any recommendation to other people)? Which SIP/Jabber server? Which VoIP provider? I'm scratching my head.

    I think this moment is a great opportunity for change, and a great opportunity for someone to come up with an easy-to-follow how-to on dumping proprietary and going open.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative post. Hope the purchase of Skyepe by IT giant Microsoft will have a positive outcome.