Thursday, May 12, 2011

XBox Skype 3D Video Call Support

Right after Skype acquisition by Microsoft, I already have sources talking about Skype native support on XBox 360. That will be great as it is quite handy, well positioned camera in millions of living rooms around the world.
Besides the comfort of having Video Calls sitting in your couch, you also need to expand the possibilities of the experience, as XBox Kinect Camera has much more than just lens. It is equipped with:
  • Multi-Array Mic
  • Dynamic Motorized Tilt
  • 3D Depth Sensors
Put it all together and the result will be an awesome:

Video Call with 3D support

If Microsoft is smart enough to foresee all those possibilities, they have a great and vast ground to explore with Skype.

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  1. or they could reverse engineer skype to find out how it's resisted reverse engineering (its advanced obfuscation) and piracy, and then shut down the authentication servers, killing the entire skype network