Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nimbuzz Jingle/SIP Gateway

Nimbuzz recently announced that they converted all their clients to Jingle.
Considering the amount of supported Calling Gateways by Nimbuzz, it also means that they have not only a SIP/Jingle Gateway but also: Jingle/Skype, Jingle/MSN, Jingle/Yahoo, Jingle/Flash, Jingle/...

It is one more time proven that Internet Users no more need several applications running in their computers or mobile devices in order to chat with other User in different networks like MSN, Skype, Yahoo, and all the other closed networks.

Looks like Nimbuzz is one step ahead on protocol unification when talking about single stack network solutions, doing ALL other networks did using several protocols and stacks, using only ONE big Joker, XMPP.

And XMPP proves again to be a perfect ecosystem for integration, interoperability, flexibility and extensibility.

I'm very excited about what going to happen when interoperability break through Instant Messaging, Social Networks and Microblogs. In my very personal opinion, whoever is ahead will win the race, as timing is and always were everything on Internet.

"How big will the Cloud composed by: GTalk, Twitter, Nimbuzz, Facebook, AOL, GoogleWaves and all other players that already announced the convertion?"

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