Sunday, June 28, 2009


A very cool and unexplored feature of XMPP is the easy way to build and deploy automated BOTs.
This is something that is not that easy to do on proprietary networks like Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc...
I will soon start to post here some XMPP BOTs including sources in order to build a collection.

Another great factor is that XMPP BOTs are totally about interoperability meaning that if you run in a XMPP Server with interoperability enable, you can have this BOT in your contact list even if you are not connected through that server. This is totally awesome!

If you have any BOT stable and interesting enough to worth a post, please send me the code and it might be added to the collection.

Let's start building another powerful and exclusive weapon against proprietary networks!


  1. Hi, maybe you want to mention 'chatbot'. 'chatbot' is a jabber channel bot and probably one of the first bots that have been made available for jabber. the latest code is hosted at
    Some news have been posted at

  2. Hey man!

    I haven't coded any BOT yet but I just finished a grails xmpp plugin, also on top of smack, which facilitates grails and xmpp integration and also has special features for BOT developement.