Monday, June 29, 2009

IM Freedom? Not yet...

Back in 80's electronic Mail, used to work only inside same network and protocols.
The reason was that the electronic Mail first appeared as a feature of proprietary communication platforms. Which usually is combined with market domination attempts.
In other words company A, didn't want to support company B, as they wanted the customers(medium/large corporations back there), to keep buying from the same vendor. Which used to guarantee long term agreements and easier support, as they were required to know only about their own solutions.
After some time the unavoidable happened, some integration companies started appearing. And after another period, some companies started using SMTP as a ready-to-use and plug'n'play platforms with out-of-the box interoperability with other networks, companies and vendors.
With TCP Protocol, we also had a time when Microsoft tried to force everybody into a crappy and proprietary protocol called InetBios. Which also caused same nasty effects before fading out.
The pattern always repeated:
1) Control Tryout;
2) Gateways;
3) Migration to a common and inter-operable solution.

It seems like we don't notice it, but, we are in the exactly epicentric(fase 2) point of the IM Monopoly tryout. The only difference is that it is lasting too long, as we have a mass of ignorant people that just accepts whatever the mass market push into their computer.
This is one of the most cruel monopoly ever! Proprietary IM networks REQUIRES you to have an account on their service in order to allow you to communicate to your friends!
In other words: "They make you drop your freedom of choice in order to keep in touch with your already converted friends!"
Stop this now! Start using federated or aggregation like and fight for your freedom putting pressure in order to speed up their surrender!

Never give up your Freedom!

Start demanding the same freedom that you have in or email service, phone, etc...!

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  1. Well, this is simple not true anymore.

    Most of today's personal e-mail communications isn't done through SMTP, but rather, facebook or myspace.

    You read it: these are incompatible solutions. Yet spam are less, because they aren't (as) open networks..

    People don't really care about protocols anymore: they do care about interfaces. Of course, SMTP is still a de facto standard, yet loosing ground. Also: did you know, that 98% of personal e-mail accounts are reached only through web interface?

    Also: back, in the multi-protocol mail era: you had to choose: all of these services were payware, and computers didn't have enough performance for multitasking.

    Now, you can easily run MSN and skype simultaneously, not to mention pidgin, which is basically the de facto IM client for alternative platforms (and guess what: it'll be seamlessly changed for a different product in ubuntu now, because... it just simply does not matter at all.)

    So, there's nothing wrong with the XMPP protocol. It's only this logic is even far from outdated. it's simply false. Facts, trends do not support it since years.