Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google Acquires GIPS

Today was announce the conclusion of the buying process of GIPS by Google.
What does that mean?

Here are some hints:
  • HTML5 predicts lots of extra features that needs to be provided by the browser. Which means that they are really looking forward to remove the crappy dependency of Adobe Flash, which currently is required for 99% of all Browser Based Voice Over IP Applications. Which besides the Adobe Plugin requirement, also requires traffic and negotiation passing through Adobe Media Servers... (Adobe shall get what they deserved for their manipulation, never supporting Standard RTP Streams)
  • GIPS was the best in the market "Quality Wise". They always offered top quality codecs and APIs to main Real Time Communication Companies from Desktop Skype to Mobile Nimbuzz.
  • Goggle already used not only GIPS software but also GIPS iLBC codec. Which is a great quality for low bandwidth Internet Communication with extra awesome packet loss support.
In resume GIPS was a very great choice!

Semi-Fiction Fact:
Google looked for some solution and buying the whole company was the easiest and quickest way to get it done...