Monday, May 31, 2010

Presenting The "Vital Ratio" Theory

On Internet we are surrounded by Applications, Services, Platforms, Mashups, Widgets and all kinds of useful and specially UN-USEFUL applications.
The most tricky question on Internet Business World is, "how much does your business costs?". Specialists and Marketing people tends to base their stats and values on "BUZZ" or general opinion, or even Polls (THE WORST TYPE EVER!)

I'm not a Marketing Guy, neither Specialists. As a generalist programmer I could come up with a much more mathematical oriented model. Which is not perfect, of course, but is the best and more reliable that I've seen in my limited ignorance.

The Problem:
How to measure the health of an Internet Business? Can you it be profitable?

Solution Approach:
If you think the Internet as an Human Body, or a Live Organism, you can give values to the Vital Organs for instance:
  1. Heart
  2. Lungs
  3. Brain
  4. Liver
  5. Kidneys
  6. Stomach
  7. etc
Internet has also Vital Organs and Organic Systems, which are composed by necessities within a time period. So if we could define which systems("Organs") does Internet has and what are the current demand and values. Theoretically we could define a mathematical model to define the importance of Internet Systems.

Thesis Draft

Internet Systems Health can be measured by the mathematical model to presented in this blog later on.

Internet Systems can be divided in several categories, which together composes the Internet Ecosystem:
  • Protocols
  • Services
  • Applications
  • Network
  • Users
If we ponder the values of each of these elements based on their interdependency and vitality for the overall system, we can use those as axiomatic constants for evaluating the target product proportionally. I will try to illustrate using a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Protocols - 2
  • Services - 6
  • Applications - 4
  • Network - 10
  • Users Daily - 8
To be continued...

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