Monday, July 13, 2009

My Fridge XMPP Client

No, it is not a Jetsons Episode! A few weeks ago I spoke with a guy from an appliance Industry, and guess what?
XMPP is being tested as the solution for domestic devices interactivity.
Meaning that in some years you will probably check in real time the presence of milk and ice cream in your fridge directly from your phone, wherever you are! (Via Nimbuzz?)
Interesting things you might be able to do:
* Monitor you food consumption at the end of the month.
* Check whats missing at the supermarket. Goodbye to shopping lists.
* Check if you forgot your oven on, and be able to turn it off remotely.
* Speed up the cooling of your beer before you get home.
* Get updated in real time and receive pictures in case someone break into your house. Directly in your phone.

I cannot tell the company name, but they promised to have something in the Brazilian market by 2011 as pilot.

Check some Jetsons and Inspector Gadget episodes for more ideas.

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