Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adobe goes P2P - XMPP and FMS

After Google requirement of having a P2P method to provide Voice and Video on GMail, Adobe finally put some effort and released a very decent support for P2P on Flash Player 10.
It is called Stratus and you can also you it as we do in UDP-ICE, we can have several alternative and fall-back methods, including RTMP as a last resort.

Adobe was probably holding this at all costs as they were afraid on the reduction of amount of FMS license sales. But it turns out that at some point they needed to open it, so they could get bigger market share, as not everybody can afford 100% of Audio/Video proxied on their networks.
This also means that every company now can have their own Voip Services and also full featured Video Conference Platforms running internally using only an ejabberd and FMS on server side and browser based application on client side.

I tested myself the UDP based traffic, and the quality as expect actually much better with compared with the Slow and Lagged RTMP TCP based solution, specially in long distance and high latency networks.

Check it out at:

Looks like now we have more consistent reasons to have kind of Flash RTMFP Transport in Jingle.
You can also see a very cool tutorial on this link (Flash P2P Tutorial).

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