Friday, July 17, 2009

Jingle Nodes Preview

I've been working on Jingle Nodes XEP from the past 3 months. But as I usually do, I implement it beforehand so I can make sure I don't release any sci-fi specification.
So far the results are satisfactory and sounds promising even though the implementation is at very early stage.
I will post below some nice features to be covered and a RTP Diagram showing some use cases:

Main Goal
Jingle Nodes and Super Nodes are intend to provide easy to use Jingle Relay Type Candidates that can be used in ICE-UDP and also on RAW-UDP Jingle Sessions.
Relay Candidates can provide NAT Traversal for users that don't have STUN/TURN Support, but also for users with STUN/TURN support that the negotiation failed.

Skype Network works in a similar way except that on Skype you can't choose whether share your bandwidth or not. And as a closed protocol you can't do anything about it.
On Jingle you can choose to share with:
* everyone
* nobody
* only buddies
* only whitelist
* blacklist
* etc...
In other words you are free to choose and decide about your device and network.


Jingle Client Developers with interest in helping creating prototype or being early adopters are welcome. Leave a comment and you will be contacted.


  1. Actually, you can disable supernode functionality with Skype:

    Beginning with Skype 3.0, an explicit switch is provided in the registry settings to allow the disabling of supernode functionality.

    Admin guide

  2. Hello Lukáš,

    Thanks for the remark, but expecting that regular users edit Windows Registry is too much.
    And the fact that if the Client is behind a NAT it will be disabled means absolutely nothing. AS it is NOT an option but a consequence as computers behind NAT cannot server as RTP Proxies.
    Will you put yourself behind a NAT only to prevent that? And if you need the computer to be connected in a public IP for reason?
    Besides, for Linux users, the option is not available.

    Unfortunately Skype user policy still very unfriendly and extreme intrusive.

  3. I hope this will turn up ok, I'm using gtalk right now, when I'm talking with someone in another country I have huge breakups... still it's better than Yahoo talk