Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SIP Communicator is Coming Back To The Family

After putting on hold Jingle support for some time, Emil Ivov, the SIP Communicator Founder, told me today that they are adding Jingle again in early 2010. And it will also come fully packed with new and powerful features like ICE P2P communication and Video support!

He mentioned that SIP Communicator project have now a speed boost, as they graciously received funding from NLnet foundation, concerning the completion of the ice4j stack, Jingle telephony, brand new support for file transfer, and multi-party conference calls for SIP and Jingle/XMPP.

Some Super Cool Expected Features:
* Jingle ICE - Enabling P2P and server-less communication
* Jingle Video - Enable real time Video chat
* H264 Codec - Provides great video quality with regular bandwidth usage
* ZRTP - Secure and encrypted Audio/Video Streams

Stay Tuned for More Jingle Happy Days!

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