Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Top 5 - Must Die Applications

Big companies are always trying to overuse their versions, dragging them to the limit of "durability" seeking for extra profit. But just like real waste, this is not healthy for software ecosystem.
We all are annoyed by software waste, specially that ones that drag us in order to keep backward compatibility.
Something that big companies also don't tell is that backward compatibility is always responsible for at least 25% of overall costs of a new version. So now guess who pays for that? YOU!
So this Friday's Top 5 is dedicated to all crap waste software and technology that stays among us.

5. RealNetworks Real Player
"In order for your browser to display the following paragraph this site must download new software; please wait. Sorry, the requested codec was not found. Please upgrade your system."
I still don't believe when some people say that they saw a web site using it. The lowest usability, compatibility and flexibility you can achieve in a media player.
Besides the original format never took off specially due special requirements and slowness.

4. Norton Uninstall Tools
Why would you want an application to uninstall another? I understand that on Windows 95 Mud Times, but now with a huge set of different softwares and different installation procedures and mainly decent ones with correct unistallation, why would you use Norton Unistall?
And more, we are almost in 2010, I can't believe you still using operating systems that don't provide at least a regular package and installation manager.
(If you are an user, starting changing your OS to something good(Ubuntu, MacOs, Debian, etc...) before going to such solutions.) But this one is unused that don't even pollute our software environment.

3. Windows Vista
Red, Pink or Brown? Red!
Windows vista is the most non-baked OS that was shipped out this decade.
Containing lots of ridiculous newbie issues, regarding graphic cards, permissions, security, usability, stability and specially performance.
What about compatibility? That was quite a disaster on very first versions. The IT economic crisis might have some relation with this...hehehe
Well, I don't have to describe one of the biggest reason to start using Linux ever.

2. IE6
Better known as "Microsoft Bug Collection", Internet Explorer 6 still being used for a lot of unresponsive people all over the world. And also causing a lot of work to Web Developers in order to achieve compatibility with one of the worst piece of software ever dragged.
It is said that browser compatibility consumes at least 30% of development time and effort in a Web application, and it gets even worst when it comes to Web 2.0 applications.
IE6 is considered the scariest nightmare for the Web Developers, Users and whoever gets closer to it.

1. IPV4
The Number 1 Enemy of: Voip, Security, Scalability, Flexibility, P2P etc...
Considered obsolete since 1995 with the creation of RFC1752, IPV4 is being dragged causing a lot of side effects including hundreds of thousands of companies, software and even protocols in order to solve its problems and limitations.
A great example is ICE specification for P2P Connection, contains more than 70% of dedicated content, that didn't even need to exists if IPV4 had fade out already.
Besides IPV4 being a obsolete old guy, we own it lots of respect for being one of the biggest drivers for Internet the way it is nowadays.
We love and hate you IPV4!

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